How does your sponsorship help?

Your sponsorship will provide desperately needed education and basic needs to a specific child in Kenya..

How long does sponsorship last?

A sponsorship lasts for as long as the child remains in education or until the sponsor feels it is necessary to cancel. Sponsorship finishes when a child leaves secondary school. A sponsored child may have the opportunity to continue into higher education or vocational training and the sponsor may wish to continue supporting their child through continued education. We understand circumstances change and if you need to cancel the sponsorship we would ask that you give us as much notice as possible to enable us to find an alternative sponsor and avoid disrupting the child’s education. Sometimes a child may move away or in the unlikely circumstances that they have to leave the programme in which we case will contact you to inform you and give details of another needy child

May I write to my sponsored child?

We encourage sponsors to write to their child. If a child is too young to write, they will be helped by a teacher or draw a picture. Children love to receive picture postcards and items such as book marks, stickers, ribbons and other flat, inexpensive treats that would fit into an A4 envelope.

May I send gift packages to my sponsored child?

A4 envelopes are acceptable but sending larger, bulkier packages through the post is very risky and expensive for the sponsor and the organization to administer. If you need to send a parcel please contact us and we can arrange that on your behalf.

What will I receive from OOA?

You will receive photographs, letters and school reports on your child’s progress three times a year. These will be available on your online account. You can view them once you login and an email will be sent to you once they are upload into your online account. Click here to create an account or here to login Should you visit Kenya on holiday or business you are welcome to meet your child. We can help make arrangements for you to visit our projects and the child’s home/school.

What exactly does my sponsorship pay for?

The sponsorship pays for school fees, uniform, shoes, other clothing, school lunch, books, stationery, medical fees and general basic needs for the child.

We appreciate the time you have taken to read this. If we haven't answered all your questions we shall be pleased to provide any other information. Please contact us on: Email: Your kind support will make a difference in the life of a disadvantaged child.

Helping the Homeless, Hungry, and Hurting Children